A kaleidoscopic tapestry of vocal hues …”

— New York Times

Elliot Z. Levine’s successor:
Peter Walker

Upcoming Events:

Vocal ensemble workshops at Smith College
June 24–July 2 and Jyly 29–August 6

Featured Recordings:

Mir zaynen do!
We Are Still Here!
(Mir Zaynen Do!)

Music of the Holocaust

The Happy Journey

Early American Vocal Music
The Western Wind

Photo: Rebecca Fay

Since 1969, the internationally acclaimed vocal sextet The Western Wind has devoted itself to the special beauty and variety of a cappella music. The Ensemble’s repertoire reveals its diverse background – from Renaissance motets to Fifties rock ’n’ roll, from medieval carols to Duke Ellington, from complex works by avant-garde composers to the simplest folk melodies.

Hear us sing! … i thank You God
music by Elliot Z. Levine • words by E. E. Cummings
video by Todd Frizzell

“… versatility … virtuosity … a stunning concert.”

— Los Angeles Times