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5-day Summer Workshop
in Ensemble Singing

June 24–June 29, 2024

Westfield State University, Westfield, MA

Medieval and Renaissance, Early American, Romantic, Folk, Jazz and contemporary songs

“ Excellent instruction. Specific, gentle, eloquent, fun and encouraging. ”

— 2019 workshop participant

About Westfield State University

Westfield State University (commonly known as Westfield State) is a public university in Westfield, Massachusetts. It was founded in 1839 by Horace Mann as the first public co-educational college in America without barrier to race, gender, or economic class. Located in the Connecticut River Valley close to Springfield, it is known for its strong music program and top-notch performance facilities. We shall be housed on a single floor in University Hall (pictured above) which has elevators, air conditioning, and public meeting spaces to supplement room suites.

The Western Wind Workshop

This workshop represents the 43nd anniversary of Western Wind workshops which began at Dartmouth College in 1981. What makes a Western Wind workshop unique is the focus on small ensembles. In small groups, everyone plays a role and makes an essential contribution. Here’s a chance to sing a variety of music with other singers at your own level. Each group is personally guided by a Western Wind member.


Click the button below to make your deposit to register for the workshop (refundable until June 14). Deposit amounts: $450 residential; $400 commuter; $0 scholarship applicant. You will receive an e-mail confirmation with further information and an online registration form. The remaining balance is due by June 22.


Tuition, Meals and Accommodations

Westfield State offers air-conditioned single and double suite accommodations. Each suite has individual bathrooms and a common area. Bedding, pillows, and toiletries are not supplied, so if you cannot bring these items to to campus, please indicate this on your registration form.  We will supply you with the basics.

Dining options include fresh salads, grilled entrees, smoothie stations, Starbucks coffee and sushi. Much of the produce comes from local family farms, and the University is actively looking for ways to increase these local partnerships.

Workshop spaces include classrooms, conference rooms and music performance venues.

Workshop Fees through June 14

Single occupancy:

Double occupancy, per person:

Off-campus (commuter):

$1,640       tuition and room & board

$1,575       tuition and room & board

$1,100       tuition

Add $100 to the above June 15-22

Non-participant, double occupancy                                    

Commuter & non-participant meal prices:    

$425      (room, no meals)     

$40 per day for 3 meals or a la carte

A tuition discount of $35 is applied for Friends of the Western Wind.

Scholarships available based on financial need.

Arrival / Departure Info

Check-in will take place from 4:00–6:00 pm on Monday, June 24.
The workshop will end at around 4:00 pm on Saturday, June 29.

Linda Lee Jones, soprano
Christina Kay, soprano

Eric S. Brenner, countertenor

Bradley King, tenor
David Vanderwal, tenor

Paul Greene-Dennis, bass

William Zukof (founding member)

Robert Eisenstein, viola da gamba

Yumiko Matsuoka, pop & jazz coach


Please inquire at about opportunities.

Registration Policy

Please enroll in advance. Note that prices in each participant category increase by $100 on June 15, 2024. By making your $450 deposit ($400 for commuters; $0 for scholarship applicants), you set all the wheels in motion. You will receive an e-mail with a letter and a questionnaire. The balance is due by 6/22/2024. If you are having any trouble enrolling online please e-mail us at If this is your first Western Wind workshop, we will meet you via Zoom or phone before the workshop to help place you in an appropriate small ensemble.


Music Policy


The cost of the large group piece is included in your weekend’s tuition. However, you are required to purchase music used in your small ensembles.


Octavos must be purchased at their retail value. Photocopies are 15¢ per side, if a published piece is not available or the piece is in the public domain.


If your group uses one piece out of a larger collection, you may request (before using or marking the larger book, please!) that the selection be photocopied for you at the charge of 15¢ per page (each side). Please destroy all photocopies of copyrighted music at the weekend’s conclusion pursuant to copyright law.


Music that you make marks in must be purchased.



​A library of outstanding ensemble music is also available for your perusal and purchase. Please feel free to browse. A 10% discount applies to music and concession purchases that total $100 or more! 15% if it’s $200 or more!

More and more workshop participants prefer to read digitized music from their tablets.  Nearly all our music can be made available in this format.

Bring Your Group

Pre-existing groups are welcome at Western Wind Workshops.  If enough members of a group enroll, they can apply for a tuition discount and work together as a group. Please contact for details as early as possible.

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