Passover Story

Theodore Bikel, Guest Narrator
Sung by the Western Wind with Guest Instrumentalists

Theodore Bikel and The Western Wind Vocal Ensemble have teamed up to tell and sing the Passover story, providing a seamless, thoroughly entertaining recording which illuminates the Passover themes.

“The music is an eclectic compilation of songs and compositions from many sources reflecting the tremendous diversity of Jewish cultures. Selections include Hebrew folk melodies, classical European liturgical music, ancient Sephardic chants, Klezmer-style improvisations, and traditional songs from the Seder, including the ‘adopted’ song of slavery, the Negro spiritual ‘Go Down Moses’ – all sung with the superb musicianship and zest that are hallmarks of Western Wind performances.” —Miami Jewish Journal

Track List:

1. Kadesh Ur’chatz
2. Ha Lachma Anyah
3. The Four Questions
4. Avadim Hayinu
5. The Four Sons
6. V’hi Shemodo
7. Go Down Moses
8. The Fire Song
9. Par’o Era Estrellero
10. Cuando D’aifto Fueron Salidos
11. The Plagues
12. Dayenu
13. Eliyohu Hanovi
14. Odekha
15. B’tzeis Yisroel Mimmitzroyim
16. Ani Maamin
17. Ashrei Hagafrur
18. L’shanah Habaa
19. Echod Mi Yodea / Adir Hu
20. Chad Gadyo

Price: $14.95