We Are Still Here!
The Holocaust through Music & Memory
Radio Version
Sung by The Western Wind
Narrated by Danny Burstein & Jessica Hecht

“Yes, we sang in the ghettos and concentration camps. Songs were sung even in the death camps … When our spirits sank, the songs took over. They helped us to keep our faith that life held some meaning.” —Shoshana Kalisch, Auschwitz Survivor

We Are Still Here! is an exploration of the Holocaust through music and memory. It includes songs depicting the vibrancy of Jewish life in pre-war Europe; songs about the brutality of the pogroms; songs of premonitions about awful events to come; songs by performers whose careers were shattered by the racial laws of the Nazis; music by composers who were forced into exile; music from Terezin, the “show concentration camp” in Czechoslovakia; and even songs that emerged from the horrors of the gas chambers. We Are Still Here! concludes with defiant songs of the resistance fighters determined to live, and finally songs of hope and redemption for all of humanity. In the radio version, the songs are woven together by a narration that includes survivor memories collected by the noted Holocaust educator Dr. Leatrice Rabinsky. Performed by Danny Burstein and Jessica Hecht, the current stars of Fiddler on the Roof on Broadway, these recollections combine with the powerful music to bring the audience face to face with the enormity of the tragedy that took place.

Public Radio International is distributing the narrated version of the program to stations nationwide starting in November 2016 in commemoration of the anniversary of Krystallnacht, the “night of broken glass”, and in April–May 2017 to commemorate the anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.