The Man in the Moon
“The Western Wind vocal sextet handles his music with proprietary flair… Best of all is Dennis’s penchant for being witty and serious at the same time.” —American Record Guide

Track List (click to download and listen to samples):

The Golden Peacock (five folk-song settings)
1. O Western Wind (.mp3)
2. St. Jacob’s Strasse (.mp3)
3. L’Homme Arme (.mp3)
4. Di Goldene Pave
5. Katy Cruel (.mp3)

6. Barcarola (Poem: Pablo Neruda) (.mp3)

7. Psalm 30 (For voices and violin) (.mp3)

The Man in the Moon (Anonymous, from Medieval English Verse)
8. Brainy Teacher (.mp3)
9. Wait a While Yet (.mp3)
10. The Man in the Moon (.mp3)
11. The Covetous Man (.mp3)
12. In April (.mp3)

13. The Ballad of the Harp Weaver (Poem: Edna St. Vincent Millay) (.mp3)

14. Of a Rose (for voices, violin, and handbells) (.mp3)

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