Mazal Bueno: A Portrait in Song of the Spanish Jews

Tovah Feldshuh, Guest Narrator
Sung by the Western Wind with Guest Instrumentalists

After the Expulsion from Spain in 1492, Jews were welcomed in the Ottoman Empire, North Africa and the Middle East. The ineffable beauty of the music shows the great loss Spain suffered the day Columbus set sail.

Marvel as the renowned vocal sextet takes you on a 500-year musical journey with the Sephardim. The songs touch on birth, love and courtship, marriage and family, death, and the foods and rituals that celebrate life’s voyage. Guest musicians add accompaniment on the instruments of those lands: kamenc, oud, rebec, vielle, violin, recorder and dumbek.

“Superb performances by The Western Wind … Rating 4 (extremely worthwhile).” Detroit Free Press

Track List (click to download samples):

I. Babies, Children
1. Parida, parida
2. Si este nino se durmiere
3. Irme quiero la mi madre
4. Cuando el rey nimrod
5. Rahelica baila / Xinanay

II. Adolescence and Courtship
6. Una muchacha en salonika
7. Ay, mi padre, ay, mi madre
8. Avridme Galanica
9. Noches, noches
10. Yo m’enamore d’un aire
11. Una matica de ruda
12. Yo hanino, y tu hanina

III. The Wedding
13. Alta, alta es la luna
14. Con bien me lavi / El novio le merco scarpines / Escalerica de oro

IV. Wife, Husband, Family – or Singing While Cooking
15. Que quieresh de mi
16. La rosa enflorece
17. Por que lloras, blanca nina
18. Tres hijas tiene’l buen rey

V. Jerusalem
19. Irme queria yo / Palestina hermoza y santa
20. Irme Quero madre a Yerushalayim

VI. Death
21. Triste ’sta el rey david

VII. Shabbat
22. El Dio alto
23. Buena semana

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