Basket Rondo / Jukebox in the Tavern of Love

Two extended works commissioned and performed by The Western Wind:

Basket Rondo: Meredith’s Monk’s wordless weave of voices creating a colorful, poetic, fabric of sound.

Jukebox in the Tavern of Love: “Eric Salzman has written a marvelous piece for vocal ensemble (libretto by Valeria Vasilevski) that tells the story of six odd people who meet in a bar when the lights go out in a terrible storm: a Hollywood dancer, a sexy nun, an orthodox rabbi … provoking dialogues on love and loneliness that could have been written by Ionesco.” —Bernat Dedeu  

Track List:

Basket Rondo
1. Basket A – High Basket
2. Bells A
3. Calls
4. Bells B
5. Basket B
6. Bells C
7. Bells D
8. Basket C

Jukebox in the Tavern of Love
9. Storm (Bartender, Nun, Rabbi, Dancer, Utility Worker, Poet)
10. Brush Chug Shuffle (Rabbi, Poet)
11. The Jewish Jesuit (Rabbi, Bartender, Nun, Chorus)
12. Not Porcelain Dolls (Utility Worker, Poet)
13. Toast Love (Poet)
14. Quodlibet (Rabbi, Bartender, Poet, Dancer, Nun, Utility Worker)
15. All That Is Left of Me

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