Chanukkah: In Story and Song

Leonard Nimoy, Guest Narrator
Sung by the The Western Wind with Guest Instrumentalists

The acclaimed vocal sextet and the renowned actor present 25 eclectic selections, from the Ladino songs of the Spanish Jews and Yiddish melodies of Eastern Europe to modern Israeli tunes and their original version of “I Have a Little Dreydle.” The singers sing a cappella and are also joined by instruments including violin, accordion, bass and guitar. The narration written by Rabbi Gerald Skolnik sheds light on the holiday customs and rituals. Listeners of all ages hum the tunes after hearing this wonderful CD!

The Western Wind:
Phyllis Elaine Clark and Kathy Theil, soprano; William Zukof, countertenor
Michael Steinberger and Neil Farrell, tenor; Elliot Z. Levine, baritone
Narration written by Rabbi Gerald C. Skolnik
Guest artists: Mary Rowell, violin; Anne Demarinis, accordion; Brett Simner, double bass

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Track List (click to download samples):

1. Chanukkah, Oy Chanukkah – Chassidic Melody (.mp3) or (.mov)

3. Mi Ze Y’malel – Sephardic Folk Song

5. Hayo Haya – Chassidic Song, solos: Zukof/Theil/Levine/Clark, arr. Elliot Z. Levine

7. Mi Y’malel – Israeli Folk Song

9. Al Hanissim – Folk Melody, arr. Elliot Z. Levine (.mp3) or (.mov)

11. Maoz Tzur – Hugo Chaim Adler based on a melody by Benedetto Marcello

13. Rock of Ages/Maoz Tzur – German Synagogue Melody

15. Lo V’chayil – Elliot Z. Levine (.mp3) or (.mov)

16. Psalm 30 – Sephardic Song (instrumental)

18. Los Siete Hijos De Hanna – Sephardic Song, solo: Clark

20. Hanerot Hallalu – Louis Lewandowski (1821–1894) (.mp3) or (.mov)

21. Narration

22. O Ir Kleyne Likhtelekh – Folk Melody, solo: Theil, arr. Lawrence E. Bennett

24. Boruch Ate, Zingt Der Tate – Solomon Golub (1887–1952), arr. William Zukof (.mp3) or (.mov)

26. Tzindt On Likhtelekh – Folk Melody, arr. Cheryl Bensman Rowe

27. Mi Ze Hidlik – Folk Melody, arr. Elliot Z. Levine (.mp3) or (.mov)

28. Akht Kleyne Brider – Meir Posner (1892–1931) arr. William Lyon Lee

29. Lichvod Hachanukkah – Folk Melody, solos: Farrell/Clark/Levine/Zukof, arr. Phyllis E. Clark

31. Kemach Min Hasak – F. Greenspan arr. Cheryl Bensman Rowe

33. Hazeremos Una Merenda – Sephardic Song, solos: Clark/Theil, arr. Western Wind

34. Quita’l Tas – Sephardic Song, arr. Cheryl Bensman Rowe

35. Ocho Kandelikas – Flory Jagoda, arr: Joshua Jacobson

37. Gut Yon-Tef, Aykh Kinder (We Come To You Children) – L. Dreytsel, solos Steinberger/Theil/Levine, arr. William Zukof (.mp3) or (.mov)

39. S’vivon – Folk Song, arr. Max Helfman

41. Drey Zikh, Dreydele – Avrom Goldfaden (1840–1908), arr. Elliot Z. Levine

42. I Have A Little Dreydle – Michel Gelbart (1899–1966), solo: Clark, arr. Levine, Zukof, Clark

(Narration tracks are 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 17, 19, 23, 25, 30, 32, 36, 38, 40)

Price: $14.95