The Chanukkah Story

Theodore Bikel, Guest Narrator
Sung by the Western Wind with Guest Instrumentalists

In this eclectic recording, Theodore Bikel tells the story of Chanukkah with uplifting musical selections written by Jews from every part of the world, ranging from Sephardic songs of the 15th century to German-Jewish songs of the 19th century, to contemporary songs like “Rock of Ages” and “I Have a Little Dreidel”. The Chanukkah Story is especially popular among children who tend to memorize the songs!

New York Times Critics’ Choice: Favorite Holiday Recordings

“This is a rich tapestry of sacred and secular fare, sung with subtlety and fervor, accompanied by an ensemble of old and new instruments and narrated, with his inimitable brand of quiet authority, by Theodore Bikel.” —The Pittsburgh Press

Track List (click to download samples):

1. Chanukkah, Oy Chanukkah

2. Mi Ze Y’malel

3. Hayo Haya

4. Mi Y’malel

5. Al Hanissim

6. Maoz Tzur

7. Maoz Tzur

8. Lo B’chayil

9. Psalm 30

10. Los Siete Hijos De Hanna

11. Hanerot Hallalu

12. O Ir Kleyne Likhtelekh

13. Boruch Ate, Zingt Der Tate

14. Tzindt On Likhtelekh

15. Mi Ze Hidlik

16. Akht Kleyne Brider

17. Lichvod Hachanukkah

18. Kemach Min Hasak

19. Hazeremos Una Merenda

20. Quita’l Tas

21. Ocho Kandelikas

22. Gut Yon-Tef, Aykh Kinder

23. S’vivon

24. Drey Zikh, Dreydele

25. I Have a Little Dreidel

Price: $14.95