Blessings and Batéy

Features Blessings, a Prayer for the Planet by David Darling for voices and amplified cello, and Batéy by Michel Camilo and Tania Léon for voices and Afro-Cuban drumming ensemble.

Blessings is an impassioned plea to protect Mother Earth. David Darling, world-renowned improvising cellist and original member of the Paul Winter consort, incorporates elements of Gregorian Chant, whale songs, gospel, rock, and jazz.

Blessings is offered in the hope that, “we humans can find ways to live in harmony with each other and with our Mother Earth.” (David Darling)

Batéy is an extraordinary fusion of Afro-Cuban ritual music and Western classical and jazz traditions co-composed by two dynamic musicians from Latin America, both of whom possess the unique ability to cross over between these diverse styles.

“The delicate vocal interplay does for Cuban-American music what Steve Reich’s Tehillim does for Jewish-American” The Boston Phoenix

Track List:

1. Blessings

2. Batéy
a. Canto
b. Yoruba
c. Rezos
d. Prayers
e. Rumba

Price: $14.95

Also available on cassette for $5.95