O Western Wind: an (almost) A Cappella Songbook

Everything from Medieval and Renaissance songs by Machaut, Morley, and Monteverdi to Early American music including “Amazing Grace”, and from jazz songs by Duke Ellington and Thelonius Monk to Philip Glass’s “Vessels” (from the film score of Koyaanisqatsi). “Sh’boom” and “Wimoweh” (“The Lion Sleeps Tonight”) complete this eclectic songbook.

“If the sheer diversity of the program (Machaut, Glass, Morley, Ellington, Monteverdi, Thelonius Monk, and James Taylor for starters) doesn’t snap your head back, then surely Western Wind’s sassy singing will.” —American Record Guide

“… there’s no group to match them for kaleidoscopic variety of sound, rich or spartan, blue or operatic.” —New York Newsday

“… an ambitious, idiosyncratic exploration of ensemble vocal music spanning seven centuries …” —The New York Times

Track List (click to download samples):

1. O Western Wind
2. Sumer is icumen in (.mp3) or (.mov)
3. Flos regalis (.mp3) or (.mov)
4. Se d’amer me repentoie
5. Irme quiero madre
6. Ay luna
7. Miraculous Love’s Wounding
8. L’Amfiparnaso, Act I, Scene I (.mp3) or (.mov)
9. Dolcissimo uscignolo
10. “Vessels” from Koyaanisqatsi (.mp3) or (.mov)
11. Xangô (.mp3) or (.mov)
12. Mexico Fellaheen (.mp3) or (.mov)
13. Amazing Grace / The Promised Land
14. I Believe This is Jesus
15. I’m Too Tired to Tell You That I Love You
16. ’Round Midnight
17. I’m Beginning to See the Light
18. It Don’t Mean a Thing
19. Sh’boom, Life Could Be a Dream (.mp3) or (.mov)
20. Canary in a Coal Mine (.mp3) or (.mov)
21. Wimoweh
22. Lonesome Road ( .mp3) or ( .mov)

Price: $14.95

Also available on cassette for $5.95