Summer Workshop in Ensemble Singing

June 22–26, 2022

Isabella Freedman Retreat Center
116 Johnson Road, Falls Village, CT

Medieval and Renaissance, Early American, Romantic, Folk, Jazz and contemporary songs

“ Excellent instruction. Specific, gentle, eloquent, fun and encouraging. ”

— 2019 workshop participant

About Isabella Freedman

Isabella Freedman rests on 400 acres of forested land and lush meadows in the foothills of the southern Berkshires – just one hour from Hartford, Connecticut; two hours from New York City; and three hours from Boston, Massachusetts. The cottages and gathering spaces are nestled around two lakes at the base of a beautiful wooded ridge that is dotted with hiking trails. In every season, Isabella Freedman’s stunning mountain vistas, serene lakes, and miles of trails are certain to inspire your senses and offer your spirit a place for renewal.

The Western Wind Workshop

This workshop represents the 40th anniversary of Western Wind workshops which began at Dartmouth College in 1981. What makes a Western Wind workshop unique is the focus on small ensembles. In small groups, everyone plays a role and makes an essential contribution. Here’s a chance to sing a variety of music with other singers at your own level. Each group is personally guided by a Western Wind member.

“ This was a life-changing week for me. Thank you so very much! ”

— 2017 workshop participant


Click the button below to make your $450 deposit to register for the workshop (fully refundable until June 8). You will receive an e-mail confirmation with further information. The remaining balance is due by June 8. If you enroll after June 8, there is a $75 late charge and payment must be made in full.

Note: The workshop will be COVID compliant in accordance with the regulations of the State of Connecticut applicable in June, 2022.

Session Details:

Tuition, Meals and Accommodations

Accommodations are air-conditioned during the summer months. Each room will have a private bath. A limited number of single occupancy rooms are available on a first come, first served basis. (Each room contains two beds and can accommodate a couple.)

by June 8after June 8
Single occupancy:$1,850$1,925tuition and room & board
Double occupancy, per person:$1,650$1,725tuition and room & board
Commuter (non-resident):$1,350$1,425tuition and all meals
Meals include: Wednesday 6/22arrival snack and dinner
Thursday–Saturday3 meals
Sunday 6/26breakfast and lunch

A tuition discount of $37.50 is applied for Friends of the Western Wind. Partial scholarships available based on financial need.

Arrival / Departure Info

Check-in will take place from 3:00–6:00 pm on Wednesday, June 22.
The workshop will end at around 4:00 pm on Sunday, June 26.


Linda Lee Jones, soprano
Eric S. Brenner, countertenor
Todd Frizzell, tenor
Steven Hyrcelak, bass
William Zukof, Workshop Director & Executive Producer

Guest Faculty: Robert Eisenstein, viola da gamba


Wednesday3:00–5:30 pmParticipant registration
8:00Western Wind mini concert, large group rehearsal, and reception
Thursday9:00 amLate registration
9:30–10:20Vocal warm-ups / Large group rehearsal / Small groups formed
10:30–12:15 pmSmall group sessions
1:30–3:00Optional: walk / swimming
3:15–5:00Small groups
5:15–6:00Musicianship / Jazz Ensembles prep
6:50–7:25Small groups
7:30–9:00Large group rehearsal & chat with The Western Wind
Friday9:30–10:20 amVocal warm-ups / Large group rehearsal
10:30–12:15 pmSmall groups
1:30–3:00Optional: walk / swimming / Continuo with Bob
3:15–5:00Small groups
5:15–6:00Musicianship / Jazz Ensembles / Continuo
7:00–7:45Small groups
Saturday9:30–10:20 amVocal warm-ups / Large group rehearsal
10:30–12:15 pmSmall groups
2:00–2:45Continuo Concert
3:15–5:00Small groups
5:15–6:00Jazz Concert
7:00–7:45Small groups
8:00–9:30Seminar / Silly Seminar
Sunday9:30–10:20 amVocal warm-ups / Large group rehearsal
10:30–12:00 pmSmall groups
1:15–1:50Small groups
2:00–3:00Participants final concert


A limited number of partial scholarships based on ability and financial need will be available. For information regarding scholarships please contact The Western Wind office: via e-mail, or via phone, 212-873-2848.

Registration Policy

Please enroll in advance. By making your $450 deposit you set all the wheels in motion. You will receive an e-mail with a letter and a questionnaire. The balance is due by 6/8/2022. If you are having any trouble enrolling online please call us at 800-788-2187 or e-mail us at If this is your first Western Wind workshop, please try to arrive early, if you possibly can, so we can spend a few minutes with you in order place you in an appropriate ensemble.

Music Policy and Group Discount Information:

Music Policy

♫ The cost of the large group piece is included in your weekend’s tuition. However, you are required to purchase music used in your small ensembles.

♪ Octavos must be purchased at their retail value. Photocopies are 15¢ per side, if a published piece is not available or the piece is in the public domain.

♪ If your group uses one piece out of a larger collection, you may request (before using or marking the larger book, please!) that the selection be photocopied for you at the charge of 15¢ per page (each side). Please destroy all photocopies of copyrighted music at the weekend’s conclusion pursuant to copyright law.

♪ Music that you make marks in must be purchased.

♫ A library of outstanding ensemble music is also available for your perusal and purchase. Please feel free to browse. A 10% discount applies to music and concession purchases that total $100 or more! 15% if it’s $200 or more!